We have a small motorbike in the family!

It’s a 90cc pitbike, and was a generous donation from a colleague. It’s got a Chinese copy of the famous Honda Supercub engine, so parts are cheap. It will be a good project for me and my son.

Here are some things we’ve done in an effort to get this running properly:

  • Replaced carburettor (I broke the original in an attempt to remove it).
  • New piston and piston rings.
  • Modifed the foot peg bar (must be from another bike I think).
  • Cleaned out the fuel tank & replaced the fuel line.

It still wouldn’t run for long or start consistently. So I took it to a friend’s neighbour who offered to help. ‘Try replacing the spark-plug’ he said.

  • Replaced the spark-plug.

Suddenly this thing came to life! The old plug was still sparking visibly but obviously not strongly enough. So after this I had to look at another modification:

  • Added a restriction to the twist throttle handle.

Photos to follow.