Coffee Tastes Great from the Stovetop

Coffee from a cafetière / French press has long been my favourite, but I thought I’d try the old Bialetti stovetop coffee maker again. I’ve finally been converted. The espresso it makes is surprisingly good.

Bialetti Moka Express

Last few times I had used it (years ago) the coffee tasted burnt – that was probably because I heated it up on too high a heat (according to the manufacturer). Recently the results have been better. I just add hot water for an americano type coffee (and a splash of milk).

Draught proofing the back door

Wind comes through the back porch (door, roof, walls, window — project for another day), makes its way through the back-door, and blows open the kitchen door. Time for a little draught-proofing.

Draft-proofing back door

Draft-proofing back door

Brushes on the base of the door and seal round the outside of the 3 other edges should do it.

Nope, also found wind blowing behind the catches on the door frame… so a little brown frame sealant on the outside is also required. Job’s a good’un.

Log Store Required

log-storeI’m building a log store with the plan to season my own wood – for next year.

I’ve bought a stack of un-cut logs which I’ll cut and split, plus we have a number of branches which need cut and stacked. I’ll fill this in no time.