Axe Sharpening

The axe blade had a nick in it from hitting something hard. It was too big to deal with using only the sharpening stone.

So a bit of careful filing, then 600 grit and 2000 grit stone to finish off, and the edge is sharp again.

Cyclone style dust collector and hose size mayhem

So I want to connect a vacuum up to my table saw to reduce dust. I buy a cyclone-type dust collector. Then I sit and tie myself up in knots looking at the hoses, fittings and cannot work out what I need to complete the job.

Hose, collector and saw.

This all looks fairly straight forward until you consider the diameters of the hoses/fittings.

Ref Device Outside
Diameter (mm)
Diameter (mm)
1 Vacuum 35 n/a
2 Dust Collector 55 50
3 Dust Collector 55 50
4 Table Saw blade guard 38 n/a
5 Table Saw chip case 58 n/a

I’ll update this when I find the hoses and fittings required.

Table Saw Table

  1. I’ve build a stand for my table saw (a Metabo TS something or other). Space underneath for a vacuum and a debris separator.

Table Saw Stand

With wheels on one end, it will be easy to move. First I’ll need to build a ramp to roll the stand down into a storage area. I used one part cement, 2 parts aggregate (about 15mm) and 3 parts sand.

Concrete for ramp

Ramp complete

Glove Holder

Here’s an idea for storing gloves or other small items – wooden clothes pegs glued and screwed to a board of wood.

Clothes peg glove holder

Clothes pegs on a bar of wood.


Very excited to get my hands on this new (to me) trailer.


It needed a new plug, so that was tonight’s task…



My Wood Corner 

An hour or so round here of an evening and stress levels are destroyed. Not that I’m stressed. Think I just enjoy chopping wood.


Shaping the Beam

The beam was 6″ x 6″ PAR – planed all round – so it was anything but round.


Some shaping helps it look more aged & natural…


I used a freshly sharpened kukri to carve off the sharp edges and shape it around the knots. [Side note: have a read at this: wikipedia:Kukri — what a great tool.] I followed that with a belt sander at 80 grit, then hand-sanded to 120-grit. Oak is a nice wood to work.

Log Store Loft

The loft in the log store is the perfect size for a kids’ den. Here I am flooring it with some recycled HDF.