Rotten Roof Joists

When the rain falls hard, we see water come through a light fitting near the back door. It happens where a single-storey pitched roof meets the side wall of the main house.

We knew the lead needed some attention and I had a fear there was rot to deal with too. Thankfully my brother has a bit of experience with slates and lead work. With a couple of days of good weather he did a good job.

Slates and sarking removed exposing a problem joist:

Rotten joists

New 4x2s screwed into place.

replaced roof joists

New sarking boards down. New lead going on:

New roof lead

Blocked Drain

drain opened upThis drain is one of at least 3 round the house that have needed unblocking. Technique used was to drill a bunch of 10mm holes in the clay pipe to make one larger opening, then I used drain rods to clear the blockage.


Record of Events

A friend who recently helped unblock a drain suggested keeping a record of all the things that have been fixed or changed round this place. That – I think – is the new purpose of this blog.


Lining the Chimney

Lining the chimney for the stove is a good idea.

Chimney Liner

Rather than trusting that the 100+ year old mortar is still making a good seal, a new steel chimney liner gives peace of mind. It also gives the flue a nice regular shape to help the smoke and heat rise freely.

We bought 8m of 316 grade steel liner (150mm diameter). A roofer carted it up to the top of the chimney for me, and I helped pull it down from inside the room. We’ll leave it like this until the fire is fitted.