Network to the living room

Fitting the ethernet outlets in the living room. One at each end of the room – for media unit at TV, and a spare. Just in case.


Rotten Garage Window Replaced

The window in my garage was rotten after years of prevailing wind and rain.

A kind friend made me a new frame and I fitted it recently. Just getting some gloss on it tonight.


The old frame, well rotted.


The new frame – made from maranti – getting glued & screwed


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Data and Phone Cables

Running a phone and network cable under the floors to the back room. I have been using powerline adapters for this room, but cables are always better. A phone will be good too.

Under the hall floor

Under the hall floor

Some child labour helps too — “I’ll feed the cable from here, you pull from there”


One Loose Slate (or fourteen)

There was one loose slate to replce. But in separating the adjacent slates, another came out as the nail had rusted. In fixing that, another slid out just above it. One became three, which quickly became seven. 11 or 14 in total, can’t remember exactly.

Below is the sequence as I patched it back up again with replacement slates.

Replacing old slates

Replacing old slates

Oven Door

Our oven door shattered (Howden HJA3650). Time to replace the glass AND the hinges (the door never shut properly)… or get a new oven.

A couple of these parts, and a new pane, and it’s all working nicely again.



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New Bottle Air Vent fitted

Picked up a couple of these Bottle Air Vents today from Screwfix – we had removed the old ones as they had rusted up. Fitting was easy since my dad had already added a couple of extensions to the existing t-pieces.

Bottle Air Vent

New batch of logs

I got access to some logs for firewood recently. Unfortunately, they’ve been sitting outside in a field. For 2 years.

In Scotland.

I’ll split them, and see if they dry out enough.



Interestingly, the wood inside the rotten part is under 20% moisture.



Coffee Tastes Great from the Stovetop

Coffee from a cafetière / French press has long been my favourite, but I thought I’d try the old Bialetti stovetop coffee maker again. I’ve finally been converted. The espresso it makes is surprisingly good.

Bialetti Moka Express

Last few times I had used it (years ago) the coffee tasted burnt – that was probably because I heated it up on too high a heat (according to the manufacturer). Recently the results have been better. I just add hot water for an americano type coffee (and a splash of milk).

Draught proofing the back door

Wind comes through the back porch (door, roof, walls, window — project for another day), makes its way through the back-door, and blows open the kitchen door. Time for a little draught-proofing.

Draft-proofing back door

Draft-proofing back door

Brushes on the base of the door and seal round the outside of the 3 other edges should do it.

Nope, also found wind blowing behind the catches on the door frame… so a little brown frame sealant on the outside is also required. Job’s a good’un.