Lining the Chimney

Lining the chimney for the stove is a good idea.

Chimney Liner

Rather than trusting that the 100+ year old mortar is still making a good seal, a new steel chimney liner gives peace of mind. It also gives the flue a nice regular shape to help the smoke and heat rise freely.

We bought 8m of 316 grade steel liner (150mm diameter). A roofer carted it up to the top of the chimney for me, and I helped pull it down from inside the room. We’ll leave it like this until the fire is fitted.


Broken Bathroom Tap

One tap handle broken in the bathroom when we moved in… I’ve replaced it with some classic design (cheap & cheerful) taps.

New Taps

New tool purchased for the occasion – a basin wrench. Much better than the other basin spannery tool I’ve used for those awkward under-sink nuts…

Nut for new tap